Dry Eye

Dry Eye Syndrome

“Dry Eye Syndrome” is typically a result of an imbalance in the liquid film that covers the ocular surface.  Its symptoms can include itching, burning, tearing, foreign body sensation, redness of the eye, blurry vision, or even episodes of excessive tearing.  

Many factors can affect the health of the ocular surface, including diet, co-existing medical conditions (such as thyroid disease), medications, anatomical abnormalities, hormones, and environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature.

Dry eye may occur as a result of an underproduction of tears or from a chemical imbalance that prevents the tear film from functioning properly.  Treatments for ocular surface disorders vary greatly, ranging from topical supplements to oral medications to in-office or operating room procedures.

At Eastside Eye Surgeons, care is taken to properly diagnose the underlying cause of a dry eye, and to provide a customized treatment with maximum benefit for each individual.