Your Visit

An initial visit provides our doctors with the opportunity to get to know you.  The doctors will review your medical and ophthalmic history, address any issues that you may have with your eyes, and perform a complete and thorough examination of your entire visual system.  You can expect to have your eyes dilated at this visit so that the doctors can examine your lens, vitreous, nerve, macula and retina.  A typical new patient examination takes over two hours.  Your vision will be blurry for about four hours after this examination, and we recommend that you plan your day accordingly and have someone accompany you if you need to be driven home.  The doctors may obtain advanced imaging or other specialized tests on the day of examination or have you return for a follow up visit if necessary.

Once you arrive at our office, our staff will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and other forms.  These forms are available for download through the following links and may be filled out at home prior to your visit. 

Medical History Form

Patient Information Form

If you are a returning patient, we will be asking you to update our records with any changes in address, phone number, or insurance coverage. This is important as we strive to keep our files as current as possible. You will also be asked to provide us with your insurance ID cards, as we keep copies of these as part of your chart.